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What is Mediation?

Disputes and conflicts between individuals, in families and social groups, in organisations or in private, are all too frequent. Left to take their course, minor differences can easily become acrimonious, and may lead to painful experiences for those involved. The cost of not dealing properly with differences can be excessive, even if it doesn't appear as a specific item on your accounts.
For an organisation, what price do you put on diverting essential staff from your primary business objectives; or the premature, and possibly permanent, loss of committed people, with their valuable experience or, for religious charities, the prayer and monetary donations from their supporters. The experience can quickly feel like a never-ending nightmare that is taking you nowhere.
Mishandled conflicts have a surprisingly long memory of unresolved guilt and anger! And for the individual involved in a bitter dispute, the effects are often felt in every area of normal life.
The impact on families, especially when relationships breakdown, can last a lifetime and beyond.

How Does it Work?
How Long Does it Take?
How Much Does it Cost?
Will you give me a written proposal of what you might do?
Can I learn 'how' before a conflict arises?
How Will the Results of Your Work Be Made Known?

How Does it Work?
When there is conflict in a group or organisation two mediators usually work together. Depending on the magnitude of the issues that have arisen, the lead person will engage in a preliminary discussion with you before selecting the second to work with you. Once commissioned to assist you, they will normally design a process to enable you to explore the issues. The precise design depends on your organisation and the individual members of it who are involved in the conflict. The first step in the process is for all those involved to meet with a view to agreeing the proposed process, amending it as necessary to respect your own culture. The process might include a period of information gathering from the participants so that the face-to-face work can be done effectively. If appropriate we will include analyses of the working styles of the participants to ensure that the effect of styles on relationships can be taken into ccount. This is particularly valuable where you invite us to offer training so that when ew issues arise, your people are better able to manage differences effectively.
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How Long Does it Take?
After the initial contact, and during the design phase, we will indicate
possible timescales so that you can confirm that the work will be within the
budget you wish to set. For longer processes we normally review
progress on a monthly basis so that you get early warning of any changes in
how long the work might take, including costs, and to ensure that the
desired objectives remain clearly in sight. If there is a risk that the
work could go beyond the estimated duration, we will let you know so that you
can confirm you are content to continue.
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How Much Does it Cost?
You will be charged at £45/hour for each mediator when on-site plus actual expenses disbursed on the work: eg travel, telephone, etc. The initial consultation at which you agree to invite CPMS to assist you will normally be charged on an expense-only basis.

Work undertaken off-site will be charged at £25/hour. The proposal mentioned above comes fully costed based on these rates, giving a broad area of the budgetary cost. Monthly billing for costs actually incurred on your behalf gives you financial control throughout the duration of the work we do.
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Will you give me a written proposal of what we might do?
After an initial discussion with you to understand the concerns you have, CPMS will prepare a proposal with steps showing what we think might assist you, costed to give you the opportunity to select those elements of what we suggest that you think would be most helpful. If you want to leave out a step which we think might affect a satisfactory outcome, we will let you know.
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Can I learn 'how to ...' before a conflict arises?
CPMS offers one-day training for organisations that will introduce you some basic processes that
will enable you to handle many disputes without resort to outside intervention. We are also available
to offer support and advice if you decide to mediate using your own people.

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How Will the Results of Your Work Be Made Known?
Within the limits of confidentiality for the information gained from the
individual participants, we will make a presentation to you at the end to show
what progress has been made. It is normal for all the participants to be
involved, so that you know that the future actions are supported by your people.
However, the final decisions on implementation of any changes that
the mediation process might offer up to you rests with your management team.
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