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Counselling and Mediation
in South-East Kent

CPMS offers to individuals and organisations in Ashford, Kent and the surrounding area an integrated service designed to assist you when facing personal and/or organisational challenges.

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Ashford's diverse population
has a wide range of mental health needs.

There are young and old, many types of work in the town and surrounding rural areas, generations who have lived here going back many years, and new arrivals from other countries with their own rich cultures.

The town of Ashford, particularly to the south, is growing quickly with families moving in to the many new estates. Work may involve travel to London as well as locally in Kent. Changing employment patterns often results in relatively short stays before new people have to move to another part of the country.

The rural communities around the town are closely connected with farming: arable and animal as well as providing opportunities for relaxation for all in the area. This often means that village populations are more static. The ancestors of some families have lived in the area for generations. For this reason the population reflects a wide age range that brings special demands to support older people and their families.

For us all modern life brings many pressures that affect our mental health. Public statements by people like Prince Harry have helped to reduce the sense of stigma associated with mental health. Seeking help is no longer seen as a sign of weakness, but a mature determination to live constructive and satisfying lives.

Sometimes the problems are a result of other people: a car accident caused by someone else's carelessness. And we don't always make the best decisions, leaving us angry with ourselves and frustrated when trying to deal with the consequences. At such moments another person skilled in facilitating an unjudgmental reflection on the reasons and what we can do to better in future. Someone has said that "every older person was once a foolish young person": learning by making mistakes is very effective for most of us. And it's not just about your own immediate concerns. These are also affected by a breakdown in a relationship with a family member or neighbour. When this happens mediation, facilitated by someone who is impartial, opens you up to finding a 'third way' that leads to a more positive life experience.

To help you make sense of the 'mistakes' (your own or by others)
CPMS offers:
  • Counselling for you or members of staff in your organisation, where emotional difficulties are being experienced that affect quality of life;
  • Mediation as a means of resolving relationship problems between individuals and in families and in organisations that help all those involved find creative options for the future.

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