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Organisational Development
About CPMS

Professional Qualifications, Skills, Specialisms, and Approaches

CPMS counsellors are members of the British Association for Counselling and
Psychotherapy, and adopt the following approach:
  • Person-centred, which assumes that you, the client (whether an
    individual or an organisation), knows best.
  • Listening to your needs and circumstances,
  • Building a sense of rapport.
  • Making choices about the future depends on an understanding of:
    • Your experience of life;
    • The developmental factors that may have shaped and constrained your
      thinking about yourself; and
    • How living with uncertainty and the unchangeable things of life can be helpful.

  • Discovering together how your patterns of behaviour, values and beliefs can be brought together.
  • As well as longer term work, we also offer time-limited therapy to enable you to focus on a more limited range of concerns.

If, at the initial interview, it emerges that a different approach might be helpful for you, the counsellor can help you make contact with an appropriately qualified person.

CPMS is found close to Ashford, Kent.


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