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Organisational Development
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One possible outcome of a process of mediation is that you discover an organisational concern and/or a way to work with it in a new and creative fashion.

CPMS skills include a range of tools that might be useful to you to achieve this through the involvement of your leaders, managers, staff and, if you are a charity, your volunteers: in fact drawing on the insights of anyone who might be considered a stakeholder in the success of your organisation. CPMS offers the opportunity to work creatively with your current position and to deal with any concerns that may be felt generally. This might include:
  • Learning from the recent history of the organisation;

  • Reviewing concerns of stakeholders;

  • Healing any hurts that might come to the surface during the work;

  • Rediscovering the 'sacred centre' of the organisation;

  • Dreaming dreams and seeing visions;

  • Appreciative Inquiry.
Reviewing organisational opportunities to develop your effectiveness can bring
to the surface remembrance of painful experiences amongst the staff. CPMS has
wide experience in counselling and mediation, which can helping you to reach
consensus on sensitive issues and to use those insights in creative and
constructive ways. If it is a value that 'the staff are our most precious
resource', listening to what they say and feel about the organisation will give them the proof that this value is active within the organisation.

CPMS can also offer ‘training' about what emerges from the process to help to
ensure that the needs of the organisation (company, charity or church
congregation), particularly in the area of learning to share openly, frankly
and creatively the different perspectives that emerge in any group of people
who work together.

The approach adopted by CPMS allows for a menu of skills to facilitate a
process that is finely tuned to your needs. Once learned, the skills become
part of your organisation, along with: your stories; your sense of vision, and
call; your understanding of purpose; the gifting that exists within the
organisation. All of these, and others, become more accessible through the
work we do with you.

The process itself might run over several weeks, especially as information was
gathered, and the programme might include a number of meetings of members in
small or large groups to share their insights into the life of the organisation.

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